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Why should EOS UK get my vote for EOS Block Producer?

The number one question we are asked is “Why should EOS UK get my vote for EOS Block Producer?”
The answer is that EOS UK is the common-sense choice because we offer the best protection for your EOS investment through the following

  • Until such time that EOS is properly launched and any initial teething problems are resolved we are wholly focused on the EOS Block Production
  • We have made a conscious decision to not be distracted by any other projects such as dApp development unless it specifically relates to block production
  • The primary focus is launching the Block Production node in a reliable, secure and stable environment therefore protecting your investment in EOS
  • We are “all-in” and have already made a significant financial commitment to our Block Production candidacy both in terms of staffing resources, hardware and our community Meetups program.
  • EOS will succeed due to the efforts and commitment of the EOS community and EOS UK are spearheading this initiative in the UK
  • You can speak to us in English, not binary. Our primary objective in communicating about EOS is to engage without you needing to have a degree in computer science
  • If you are in the UK you can meet with us in person, for the rest of the world you can talk to us on the telephone, send an email or connect with us on social media platforms
  • Reporting to EOS GO, the independent assessor, on behalf of our Block Producers Group 1
  • Focussed on reliability of our Block Production node including Failovers, DDoS Security & Load Balancing to ensure continued operation of the Blockchain
  • We turn up! You can see we support the community through our actions and our active involvement in the Telegram Block Producers community
  • In this fast moving space we are prepared to be ever present and to answer and ask, the questions raised by the community

Make EOS UK your Vote for EOS Block Producer because when it comes to your money you need level headed experienced business people representing your interests

Passionate about your Vote for EOS Block Producer

Vote for EOS Block Producer to Protect your EOS Investment

EOS UK is a custodian of the EOS Blockchain and is commited to securing the future of the EOS Blockchain and therefore your investment in EOS

Vote for EOS Block Producer EOS UK as a Custodian of the Blockchain to provide

  • Rigorous testing & structured deployment
  • Robust & secure infrastructure
  • Scalable systems
  • Reinvestment of BP rewards
  • Collaborative working with all BPs
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Published Agreed Code of Conduct
  • Legal and operational support investment
  • Investment in skilled and experienced personnel
  • Community outreach and education
  • 100% honesty & transparency

EOS University

First and foremost, EOS UK is commited to producing blocks for the EOS Blockchain. However, we are in this space for the long haul and Vote for EOS Block Producerrealise the importance of supporting the growing EOS community. To that end we have committed to financially supporting the EOS University with a percentage of all block rewards

This new venture has been set up by EOS UK and is a totally independent entity so as to not distract from our primary focus of block production. This independence enables other block producers to also support the project for the good of the EOS Blockchain if they so choose

EOS University has its own financial and staffing structure. EOS UK is committed to funding the project for the next 3 years or until it becomes self sufficient. EOS UK will have no input on the day to day running of the University and will not commit any other resources that may distract from the primary role of being a block producer

EOS University will nurture the development of tomorrow’s EOS professionals to support the healthy growth of the EOS Blockchain and therefore your investment in EOS

About EOS UK

EOS UK is the official Block Producer candidacy name of Advanta Productions Limited. Advanta is an Internet solutions provider founded by Roger Davies in 2004. For over 13 years Roger and his team have been gaining crucial experience vital to being a robust Block Producer. This experience has been gained in the field, working for real-world paying customers, with very high standards

Our journey and the story so far


The EOS UK Core Team


Roger Davies

Roger Davies

Lead Candidate


Jim Hewitt BA (Hons)

Jim Hewitt BA (Hons)

Operations Manager


Dan Broad

Dan Broad

Senior Advisor for Infrastructure


Paul Barker

Paul Barker

Senior Systems Administrator


Technical Specifications

The EOS UK team have been working to assemble the next level of detail of the hardware specifications for our Block Producing infrastructure. Whilst this remains somewhat fluid, subject to change and will be that way for the coming weeks, we are in the process of securing the following hardware from our Data Centre partner.  We will continue to discuss with the Block Producer community the ideal specifications but this is where we are at today

All of the below is subject to change as we determine the answers to some of our questions

Block Producer Servers

2 x HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 (1 x Primary 1 x Failover)

Proposed Launch Configuration

2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6134M Processor 3.2 GHz 8 cores 128GB RAM 512 GB SSD (RAID 1)

Full Node Servers

2 x HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 (1 x Primary 1 x Failover)

Proposed Launch Configuration

2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6134M Processor 3.2 GHz 8 cores 64GB RAM 512 GB SSD (RAID 1)

News & Announcements


When does EOS go live?

There seems to be some confusion surrounding the question when does EOS go live. Is it the 2nd June, is it the 3rd June, or is it 4th July?! The confusion probably arises from the process involved in taking EOS live. EOS UK want to help clarify exactly how the EOS...

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EOS GO Block Producer Candidate Report 9 is Live

The new and improved candidate report from EOS Go went live this week. The re-vamped report includes 2 new check marks for BP’s to achieve, ‘BP Roadmap’ and ‘position on dividends’. EOS UK are proud to be able to say that we are in the group of 104 BP’s that have...

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EOS Block Producer Security done right from the get go

Whilst the discussions are on going as to the best method for booting the EOS Blockchain on June 3rd, EOS UK have been spending time getting the basic EOS Block Producer Security best practices in place on the launch hardware. In the newly formed Bios Boot Telegram...

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Podcast – EOS: An Introduction

Audio of professionally recorded EOS UK Meetup providing an introduction to the EOS Blockchain and some information on the evolution of the Blockchain since its inception in 2008 to the launch of the new EOS Blockchain on 3rd June 2018. Click to listen Join us on our...

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EOS UK Block Producer Candidacy Update 14th May 2018

Criteria required for the EOS GO Block Producer Candidate Reports #9 & #10. For clarity we are updating and restating all previous 6 checkmarks in addition to the two new criteria required for the EOS Block Producer Candidate Reports #9 & #10. EOS GO Check...

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Hello to EOS UK from Thomas Cox

Thanks to Thomas Cox VP of Product at Block.One for taking time out of his busy schedule whilst on his Governance Tour road trip to send a personalised welcome message to everyone at our meetup. Listen to his message and his views about the unique EOS community....

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