Download the EOS Wallet from EOS UK and Vote for Your 30 BPs

Download the EOS Wallet for Windows & Mac from EOS UK

EOS UK have produced the EOS Wallet for you to download and use. It’s free and fully functional so you can access all the features of the EOS Blockchain we support at the moment. New versions will be provided periodically to enable access to more features on the EOS Blockchain.

We have forked the latest implementation of the simplEOS wallet(with the full permission of EOS Rio of course) and made some improvements to the interface so it’s even easier to use. With this wallet you can

  • View your EOS balance from the Mainnet Blockchain
  • Send and receive EOS with other EOS Mainnet wallets
  • VOTE for the 30 EOS Block Producers you approve of
  • See the Airdrop tokens you have received
  • Review your EOS transaction history
  • Generate code to create new accounts

We have lots of plans for new features in future versions including support for multiple accounts, creating new accounts and changing the endpoints in use from within the program, but we have to take one step at a time!

Other ways to vote for EOS Block Producers

Introducing the EOS Block Producers Desktop Voting Tool from EOS UK

The primary reason people have not yet voted for their EOS Block Producers is either because it’s too complicated or because of Private Key Fear.

So as an antidote to the problem, we have published our own version of the popular open source desktop voting tool which has massively simplified the voting process and only uses your private key on your desktop in order to sign your vote.

When you have followed the instructions in the video you will be able to vote for the 30 Block Producers of your choice including EOS UK (our Block Producer account name is eosukblocpro ). In this version of the software we have reversed the listings so you get to see some of the lesser known Block Producers, please spread the love a little and support the further decentralisation of the EOS network by voting for less well know candidates.

Other information about voting for Block Producers

  • Each token entitles you to 30 votes. Consider voting for lesser know BP Candidates to help them get paid
  • You can vote for between one and 30 Block Producers (but please “Vote30” and help keep EOS Decentralised)
  • If a Block Producer Candidate only votes for themselves we hope they will be seen to be trying to buy their own vote
  • Each vote needs to be re-cast every week in order to avoid vote decay
  • Votes which are not re-cast will be weighted at 50% after one year
  • To vote for a Block Producer you will have to stake your tokens for CPU and Bandwidth first
  • All tokens created during launch will initially be staked
  • Unstaking tokens takes 3 days to become unstaked
  • You should never reveal your private key to anyone or enter it into any public system, doing so will potentially enable someone to steal all your tokens
  • The 21 Block Producers with the most votes will win the right to create blocks in the next round of block production
  • Block production rounds last 2 minutes and 3 seconds, and potentially could have totally different Block Producers on every round
  • Voting is a continual selection process which starts on 3rd June 2018 and will run forever

If you need absolutely ANY help purchasing, registering, moving or securing EOS tokens then please contact us on 0115 822 4546, email [email protected] or join us on our public Telegram channel

Get extra help with voting for EOS Block Producers

If you would like one on one help and support with voting for EOS Block Producers then simply complete the form below and we will work with you until you’re an absolute whizz at voting for EOS Block Producers!

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