The EOS UK Team

Roger Davies EOS Block Producer Candidate EOS UK

Roger Davies - Lead Candidate

In 1995 Roger started his full time Internet career working for one of the first Internet backbone providers. Further roles in Internet solutions led Roger to found his own Internet agency, Advanta Productions in 2004.

Since then, his company has been working in this space developing and deploying the new technologies as the internet has evolved.  Roger’s success has primarily come about by simplifying the complexities of the Internet on the behalf of his clients.

As an EOS Block Producer Candidate, he is looking forward to providing a robust, safe & secure node for EOS. He is particularly interested in Dan Larimer’s vision of a non-violent governance system and the potential for it to one day become the model for an open source, transparent & immutable system of government.

Roger owns 100% of EOS UK  

Jim Hewitt BA (Hons) - Operations Manager

After gaining a post graduate certificate in education from Leicester University in 1994, Jim began a 20-year career in education. This culminated in the position of Assistant Head Teacher for the Nottingham Greenwood Academy Trust. The role included being responsible for data, reporting and timetabling. Jim has experience working with many databases and off the shelf education programs such as CMIS, SIMS, SISRA and also SharePoint. Having ultimately ended up working with data Jim decided to pursue a career in this direction and for the last 3 years has managed the operations at Advanta Productions. Jim majored in History and has always had a fascination with the industrial revolution and is now particularly interested in the potential of EOS to be the driving force behind the “new” industrial revolution.

Dan Broad - Advisor for Infrastructure and Operations

Dan has spent most of the past 20 years working within IT delivering solutions and services to both public and private sector organisations. Working at a technical level Dan strives to deliver service excellence for customers, working closely with all stakeholders. Within the EOS community Dan will be participating as advisor to EOS UK allowing us to plan, build and deliver as a Block Producer.
Carrying extensive experience with Network and Server Infrastructure he has had the privilege of working with a number of technical partners of cloud and onsite services. Dan is a recent addition to the EOS UK team and is keen to be involved with this exciting new community. Dans experience managing and securing complex systems will be invaluable as EOS starts to build and change the world.

Paul Barker - Senior Systems Administrator

Paul has been administering and developing software for Linux systems for over 15 years. He has contributed to several open source projects and is a respected member of the OpenEmbedded and Yocto Project open source community. Through this work Paul has developed a high level of proficiency in C, Python and several other programming languages as well as in using Git and other version control systems.
On the systems administration front Paul brings to the team a focus on building resilient systems and he swears by Ansible, Ubuntu, nginx and a whole heap of automation. He holds a First Class (Hons) degree in Electronics & Computer Systems from Loughborugh University, UK and isn’t afraid of a soldering iron.
Paul also brings a unique viewpoint from his experience in a wide variety of previous roles. Working in academic research has given him excellent technical writing skills and an aptitude for the research involved in debugging complex software and hardware issues.

Aditya Mishra - Technical Lead

Aditya has been working with Advanta Productions as Technical Lead for over 2 years. He codes in most modern languages including C++, PHP5+, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3. He has experience in Frameworks: Zend 2, Laravel, CodeIgnitor. MySQL & PostgreSQL databases and Amazon Web Services cloud computing platforms including EC2, ROUTE 53, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk. He is experienced in GitHub & SVN version control systems and Linux system administration. Day to day he supports the existing Advanta web applications and manages the development of new apps. Adi can’t wait to start developing on EOS!

Robert Barker - Developer

Robert has been working on the internet and in technology since the mid nineties. His core skills lie in his ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and languages and his ability to take a holistic approach to application development and problem solving. These days he is predominantly a front end developer and project manager but still thoroughly enjoys getting his hands dirty with server side code and application architecture. He is responsible for several application frameworks in PHP and Javascript which are currently running live websites but is also comfortable using off the shelf applications and frameworks. When not wrangling with code Robert will be hiking, drinking tea and taking photographs, possibly all at the same time.

Martin Day - Senior IT Consultant

It was in 1978 that Martin was introduced to the then new world of digital technology. Operating in secure rooms with banks of flashing lights and whirling tape machines, much has changed but the fundamental excitement that technology brings to the world has been a constant throughout. A forty-year career that has witnessed first-hand the birth of the PC, TCP/IP, email, object-oriented programming, relational databases, CAD/CAM, the world wide web, augmented reality and now Blockchain technology. Technology is a continuous brave new world and Martin considers the crypto world as another chapter in that bleeding edge evolution and hopes to assist the team by bringing a wealth of corporate computing experience, strategic thinking and technical and non-technical trouble-shooting expertise.

Ellie O'Brien BA (Hons) - Marketing Manager

It could be argued that the current status quo discriminates against the current ‘next generation’, yet Ellie is not only passionate about the EOS project, but also sees the potential of EOS to usher in the new era for the millennial generation. Ellie has a degree in Psychology and Abuse Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work experience ranges from hospitality to administration, as well as several projects as a support worker. Ellie has assisted in the structuring of EOS UK’s marketing campaign and has become an intrinsic part of the project, deploying her organisational skills to manage the fast pace at which the platform is evolving and the additional demands it brings.