EOS News & Announcements

Keep up to date with all the EOS News & Announcements from EOS UK. As a Block producer we feel it’s our duty constantly keep you updated on the most important developments in EOS.

EOS Hackathon Challenge London: Carshare #30

Today we are joined by Ellie making a special guest appearance! Ellie, the EOS UK Marketing Manager and video post production wiz, joins Roger and Jim to discuss the weekends upcoming EOS Hackathon event in...

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Upcoming EOS Events: Carshare #28

Wow so much going on for EOS in the UK at the moment. Roger and Jim outline some of the events happening in the UK and the rest of Europe in the next few months. SVK Crypto Meetup - London - Wednesday 19th...

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Why Do EOS Votes Decay? Carshare #27

Roger and Jim outline the why's and wherefores of voter decay on EOS. As we all know, voting for the best Block Producers(BPs) is what creates a strong and robust network, it's the cornerstone of eosio Blockchains. However,...

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Mass Adoption: EOS Lynx Mobile Wallet – Carshare #23

We continue the mass adoption series with Roger explaining the EOS Lynx mobile wallet to Jim (he really should know this stuff by now LOL). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQo9_wHiL38 The beauty of the Lynx mobile wallet is that it's the easiest and cheapest way to...

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Announcing: The EOS UK Worker Proposal System (The EWPS)

Having determined that simply being a transparent, genuine and fully compliant Block Producer (one of the Good Guys) doesn't appear to be enough to get anywhere significant in EOS, we have today launched our latest initiative the EOS UK Worker Proposal System,...

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