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EOS UK is the official Block Producer candidacy name of Advanta Productions Limited. Advanta is an Internet solutions provider founded by Roger Davies in 2004. For over 13 years Roger and his team have been gaining crucial experience vital to being a robust Block Producer. This experience has been gained in the field, working for real-world, high net worth, paying customers with very high standards. As well as being an active contributor to the EOS network and Block Producer community, the company operates in the following areas on a day to day basis

  • Linux server management
  • Bespoke Web application development
  • Mission critical web application hosting
  • DDoS security protection & monitoring
  • SSL secure certificates
  • Version control systems (CVS)
  • Onsite and offsite backup solutions
  • Mission critical email hosting
  • Back office integrations
  • Software update deployments
  • Management of domain names
  • Name servers & DNS

Advanta has been established and built on the premise that even though it is specialising in new and often cutting edge technologies, traditional business practices such as accessibility, accountability, reliability and dependability, still need to apply. This approach has enabled Advanta to develop a strong and loyal customer base.

As an EOS token holder voting for EOS UK as a Block Producer you will in effect become an indirect customer of Advanta and benefit from these same traditional business values that the company is established on.

Having developed numerous web applications, Advanta are all too aware of the limitations within traditional hosting platforms. Having learned about the potential technical capabilities of EOS, it has become obvious to us that the EOS ecosystem will be significant in the mass adoption of Blockchain technologies, since it promises to solve many of the issues inherent in early Blockchains.



One of the most exciting aspects of EOS is the new economic and governance mechanisms which it introduces. These mechanisms are what will enable the creation of organisations that are owned and managed by communities so that one person’s great idea and their passion for it, can spread to other people who share those passions and, together with EOS and their aligned interests, they can help change the world, one great idea at a time.

EOS UK is privileged to be an EOS Block Producer candidate and to have the opportunity to be part of this revolution.

The unique combination of technical expertise, project management experience and old school traditional business values makes EOS UK an ideal candidate for your EOS Block Producer vote because our mission is to Secure the Future of the EOS Blockchain.

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one person’s great idea and their passion for it can spread to other people who share those passions


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