This week we find Douglas in a buoyant mood with his weekly roundup of the Telos project progress.

Here’s a summary of what’s been accomplished this week, check out the Medium article for full details
• Community Rewards Pool Launches
• GenerEOS adds Telos Network to
• Costa Crypto Interview
• Telos Testnet Stage 2.0 Progress.
• Telos Block Producer Infrastructure Requirements Document Released
• Inter Blockchain Communications (IBC) Efforts Advance
• Ratify/Amend System Document Released
• Worker Proposal System Document Released
• Hashtag Marketing Campaign for Exchange Customers Launched

Lots of progress each and every week and as we work towards taking Telos live with the rest of the team we look forward to being able to add it to our BP activities as we start creating a ‘stable’ of Blockchains!

Telos is not yet live so at the moment you cannot vote for Telos Block Producers, but if you would like to have EOS UK representing your interests on the EOS Blockchain then you can vote for us via our ‘reg producer handle’ eosukblocpro . When it comes to your money and investment in EOS you want a down to earth and professional team running things, so please vote for EOS UK.

With more votes EOS UK can move further up the ranking and secure a permanent paid Standby Block Producer role. This will enable us to be funded for running our fully operative standby infrastructure (and for producing these informative posts too of course!).

Please help us to stay in the game and vote eosukblocpro with the latest version of our EOS Wallet

Download the EOS Wallet for Windows or Mac from Github by clicking this link

If you need help voting email [email protected] or call us on +44 115 822 4546