In this special episode about all the Telos things that are coming up Roger and Jim discuss the FAQ’s that are cropping up in the Telos chat channels.

Topics include:

  • What kind of Fork is Telos?
  • Will Telos be a bad thing for EOS?
  • What are the main differences between Telos and EOS?
  • When will I get my airdrop?
  • When launch?


Telos is a code fork of the eosio code. It will launch a seperate network from EOS called Telos which will have it’s own TLOS tokens and Block Producers. EOS UK team are also running a Telos UK campaign team with a view to running full nodes on both TLOS and EOS networks as both activities will enhance the understanding of the other. In time we hope “cross network fertilisation” will occur as devs on both networks will be creating code that could easily be integrated into the other.

The main differences between Telos and EOS are

  • Genesis snapshot accounts capped at maximum of 40,000 TLOS per account
  • Inverse-weighted BP voting so you have to “Vote30” to weigh 100% of your wallet
  • Block Producer validation, automatic testing and automatic failover replacement
  • Defined arbitration group at launch
  • Constitutional voting system at launch
  • RAM bought and sold by the foundation at stablised prices
  • Proprietary DApps allowed
  • First 1 Million accounts created free

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