The primary reason people have not yet voted for their EOS Block Producers is either because it’s too complicated or because of Private Key Fear.

Having started investigating the full range of voting tools available Roger found that many of the applications are difficult to use for the average person. For example I(Jim) haven’t voted using Scatter because it’s beyond me. Even Roger has come across a problem with one of the tools that he’s been unable to get past so far.

So as an antidote to the problem, we have published our own version of the popular open source desktop voting tool which has massively simplified the voting process and only uses your private key on your desktop in order to sign your vote.

Click here to download the latest version of the Windows software from our Github repository V1.4.5
Mac version coming soon!

Click here to view the GitHub repository page and access the source code

When you have followed the instructions in Rogers’ video you will be able to vote for the 30 Block Producers of your choice including EOS UK (our Block Producer account name is eosukblocpro ). In this version of the software we have reversed the listings so you get the opportunity to scroll through some of the lesser known Block Producer Candidates before reaching the big hitters, we hope you will consider spreading the love a little and support the further decentralisation of the EOS network by voting for some of the candidates in less developed nations.

We’ve also taken the rather controversial decisions to hard code the selection of our block producer into the software. Initially, we didn’t really want to do this but since the block rewards model was changed prior to launch and effectively the ‘goal posts were moved’ with regards the finances we need to ensure our developers are paid for producing this tool and others like it. We hope you understand.

Please remember

  • Never share your private keys to any third party.
  • All good portals will use https secure connections.
  • Make sure you always carefully read the URL of any voting portal site you are using, a lot are scams.
  • Watch out for any phishing sites and report anything suspicious to a Block Producer

We hope you find the video and this tool useful. If you used it to vote for us as your ‘common sense Block Producer’ then we thank you from the bottom of hearts for supporting us! E

OS is such an amazing technology with huge potential for delivering world changing products and services, but we need to get it up and running in a truly robust manner first. To do this the network needs to cover the entire globe and have many multiple standby producers in each country so that you have fast access to the network and standby producers are able to take over at a moments notice in the case of errors, outages or denial of service attacks.

The EOS UK Block Producer handle on the EOS Mainnet is ‘ eosukblocpro ‘ please track our progress and if you can encourage any other EOS token holders to vote for us too we will be eternally grateful!

If you need any help to vote or any clarification, then please get in contact with us via the details at the bottom of this page and we will do our best to help you.

Once again, you can Click here to download the latest version of the Windows software from our Github repository V1.4.5