This Tuesday, a new article arose on the thriving Crypto Community that is

But not just another featured story (if there’s such a thing when it comes to EOS!); written by Tom Norwood, a contributor for, it is more than an article; it’s his way to provide the community with an in-depth take on which of the current 197 Block Producer Candidates would be most suitable to represent you and why.

Following his own set of criteria, which include community engagement, infrastructure and experience (among others), Tom compiled a shortlist of 28 names, which features some background information as well as his reasons for listing each individual BP.

Tom’s criteria is not only robust, but also perfectly encapsulates most of the qualities the community should be looking for in a BP, making this article very credible due to its extensive amount of research – from both EOSGO reports and personal, as he mentions.

And the best part? We’ve made the list!

Tom describes EOS UK as having a “very strong team, great infrastructure”. He then goes on to praise our community engagement in the UK (although we’re now branching out in community engagement, read all about it here!) and EOS University, our very own initiative to provide future EOS developers with a learning platform.

We strongly believe that articles such as this one are great at providing Block Producer Candidates with an unbiased, educated view on what they are doing well and what they should invest further resources in. It is also immensely rewarding to see our work not go by unnoticed by the community, as they are, and will continue to be, the biggest driving force behind our continuous efforts.


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