GUEST:  I’m pretty sure read somewhere that there’s a software that’s been built that Apps and Dapps that are running on the Ethereum network at the moment can easily transfer onto the EOS network and there’s solutions in place and maybe non-disclosures and maybe we’ll see a massive influx of Dapps quickly swap over to EOS because it has the scalability problems fixed potentially. Erm, is there any truth in that do you see a massive you mean hundreds and hundreds thousands of Dapps in a matter of months or is it…?

EOS UK ROGER: Well we’d like to think so but it was something that was that was raised, whether or not there’s an actual tool where if you’ve got an application running on the Ethereum Blockchain you could kind of port it from one Blockchain to another…erm, I haven’t done that much research on it and so you know I’ve not found anything I’m not heard of anything that perhaps you might think I would have come across it by now, so it’s really a very unknown at the moment the whole thing in a way is is a bit of a gamble until we get beyond 3rd of June then you know and the network is actually up and running then we won’t really know I suppose, but there’s certainly so much going on in the space and you know you’re looking at a EOS go radio which is you know one of the the primary sort of information publishing outputs and working very closely with Block One they regularly do interviews with you know developers of new products and the site’s popping up all the time they’re listing EOS projects that are underway you know some perhaps more, you know, more comprehensive than others but it’s all out there it’s all happening. And, you know, standing here sort of facing perhaps challenging questions from some people, it’s part of the EOS community even though I’ve never ever been paid a penny by them I do feel very supported by them and you know like the video that we weren’t able to play a Thomas earlier Thomas Cox you know I know I could ring him up and I could ask him a question and actually when we were building the presentation I reached out to some of the other block producers and it’s just something I’ve not come across before within a community so yeah very hopeful for it, lots of apps come in I’m sure.

EOS UK JIM: And I just think you’ve got to look at the size of the money involved with Block One the fact that they’re going to be backing a lot of application production and I think as soon as we get the launch happening there are going to be people jumping on very very quickly.

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