GUEST: Just on, going to the, the amount and location of them all and the moment people in China and USA aren’t allowed to participate in the ICO


GUEST: Therefore, that’s knocked out two massive markets and I know obviously lots of other people who will have tokens invested in it yeah so but we know due to all the trade at the moment frantic trading is all in the in Asia and in the East. So what’s to stop twenty one block producers being voted in just in the in the East?

EOS UK JIM: Erm, well that’s difficult question if you look at the current spread of block producers there are, I can’t remember the numbers on top of my head but the, the there EOS Go which is… I urge you to go and have a look at their website they produce a candidate report every erm… every week and I do think there’s something the majority of the block producers are in Asia and the moment they in China but there are but the, the whole idea that it will be spread throughout the world. So what the, what we’re hoping is that the EOS community, the people who own tokens will spread their tokens around the world because it’s in their best interest to do so, it’s not in EOS token holders best interest to have every block producer in China it’s counterproductive to what they’re trying to do so you need an even spread of nodes all around the world

GUEST: Yeah, I totally agree with that but all the people who are token holders don’t actually know obviously if I live in China or sorry, in Korea and all my friends live in Korea and I vote for my local block producer in Korea the same way I’m probably gonna vote for you because I’m from the UK. If there’s more token holders in the East obviously they might not realise it when they’re voting until all of the votes have been counted

EOS UK JIM: Yeah I mean I think now I think that it’s part of the the role of the drop block producer is to promote yourself and you’ve got to do that and that’s why we’re stood up here today and trying to sort of push our message out to the world, it is quite a difficult thing to do there’s been quite a lot of quite a lot of research around, around the whales that are in EOS and about how many how many tokens certain people hold and Block One are pretty confident that there is a really good split of tokens

EOS UK ROGER: I think it was 4% there was no one wallet that owned more than 4% of the tokens

GUEST: How many wallets are there, do you know? Just off the top of your head…

EOS UK JIM: Ooh I don’t know


GUEST: I heard three hundred thousand being banded about

EOS UK JIM:  Yeah yeah, I mean that’s, that’s that and there will be more and more as we come to as we move up to to launch so that side of it, it is complex and and we’ll put our hands up to that, we don’t actually know the answer to that we just hope that people realize that we need a spread of nodes and support throughout the world

EOS UK ROGER: And really that’s part of the gamble as well so you know when block producers do receive perhaps criticism about oh you’re going to make all of this money well you know it’s not a given thing we might not ever be a block producer and we you know all that money I’ve invested I’m going to turn it into a web server or something like that so, it is a gamble and that’s you know that’s part of the, the risk that we’re taking

EOS UK JIM: Yeah but part of that gamble that we have taken I thought, just move that on, if we don’t become a block producer the idea that that we’ve learned so much about this space we think is of value so again that sort of coats out that this idea of passion and why we’re doing it if we don’t get to be a twenty-one then hopefully we’ll be in the hundred if we’re not hundred we’ve learnt so much about it will be so much ahead of the game we can then go into other areas of EOS and work from there

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah, we’ll have to develop our own apps instead

EOS UK JIM: Our own apps instead

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