GUEST: So just to clarify so like what’s your relationship with EOS as it stands like are you affiliate’s? Are you… is there no connection? Can you just call up Dan Larimer right now and say…?

EOS UK JIM: Oh yeah, yeah he’s in the car, Dan.

EOS UK ROGER: So yeah, there is absolutely no connection, okay. So we’re not owned by Block One, we’re not you know they’re not invested in us, they do not invest in Block Producers at all, so the only access that we have to them is through the communication channels that they publish, which is mainly through Telegram, which Jim loves, don’t you?

EOS UK JIM: I love Telegram, yeah

EOS UK ROGER: There’s so much going on on Telegram I think probably EOS must be one of the most active communities you’ve got an EOS group for Block Producers, you’ve got an EOS group for marketing you’ve got an EOS group for developers you know there’s hundreds of EOS groups on there. And so…

EOS UK JIM: Just, just going to drop in that’s also true of GitHub as well so if you think about if you’re trying to get signals about what’s going to happen in the future the community on GitHub dedicated to EOS is one of the most active so again that’s yet another measure of the future perhaps

EOS UK ROGER: So they’re making new commits to the code on a daily basis and you know compared to all of the other code contributors on on GitHub it’s one of the most active repros… repositories it whatever… so yeah, there’s a lot going on there

EOS UK JIM: But to answer the question is it’s the the really thing the really thing… the thing that I found really hard to understand start with was that Block One a walking away, in essence, from this project on the first week in June. They’re handing it over they’re handing the code over to the world that’s what they’re doing and its up to the EOS community to to then run it the Dan Larimer made the analogy of the when someone questioned Dan Larimer about that he made the analogy of the he said that the people that have programmed the technology for the New York Stock Exchange to run do not run the New York Stock Exchange and he used that analogy of he’s making the the the program for these things to run on top so Block One are sort of pushing it out there and then we are saying that we want to be part of the infrastructure that maintains that and makes that into reality

GUEST: It’s similar to Jeff Bezos’ ethos at Amazon right it’s like you give people a set of tools and let them go innovate and let them be free and…

EOS UK JIM: Exactly all open-source

GUEST: People are going to do amazing things with it which I well…I agree with

EOS UK JIM: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, well that’s what we believe

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