GUEST: You’ve spoken a lot about EOS, you know, as a technology and you know Blockchain but really you know any business or any any value is always driven by the founders in the community. You haven’t really spoke about you guys like, if I vote for you guys what are you doing over and above the other guys who are, you know, competing for nodes you know I’ve recently launched my own local business are you gonna benefit me in some way? What are we getting back for for voting for you? Don’t get me wrong, you know, I am likely to vote for you but …

EOS UK ROGER: Thank you very much (laughs)

EOS UK JIM: (laughs)

GUEST: but you know I’m sure people want to know what is my local guy gonna do for me, in essence you’re our MPs and then if we vote for you, you have a responsibility to deliver stuff back to us so, you know, do we have a voice if you know if EOS raises money will you fund local businesses or you know what, what are you going to do over and above that other people won’t do?

EOS UK ROGER: Absolutely, so there’s two kind of ways we could answer that question obviously from my side sort of representing the technical aspect of the project, one of the things that we’re going to do is focus very heavily on just making sure that the node runs because there are a lot of other projects out there they’re doing, you know, coffee shops for example you know EOS Block Producers are going to create coffee shops that you’ll all have part of ownership in, which is great but it’s, it’s not really focusing on the core values. So, from my point of view that’s really what I want to focus on first and primarily making the most robust node that we have so that we can keep going and keep representing Nottingham on the global stage. That said, Jim can tell you all about the other side of the project which we’re going to do once we’ve achieved that

EOS UK JIM: I’ll just pick up on that point when you talked about local businesses, the fact that we’ve had a meet-up here and I think from the Block Producer side we’ll con

tinue to have meetups will continue to support local communities in holding meetings and and working out how we can best support the local community. But, I am from an education background and I see real benefit in how EOS can benefit the education community. Erm, in the next few days we are going to be launching something called EOS University or and under the notion of inspire, the idea of that is that it’s going to be a either a charity or a non… not for profit organisation that is going to promote education in the UK. We’re going to be starting Nottingham because we’re just simply here but we’re going to be creating a company or charity that is going to work primarily or to start with off chain where it’s going to support so the Block Producer will give the charity money so it’s going to be separate and the idea is that we’ve got a team behind us who are going to produce materials for schools actual hands-on materials for schools that are going to promote, not EOS, but they’re going to promote computer science and going to promote getting people, getting young people, interested in coding so there’s no point us building a Blockchain, there’s no point in local businesses all want to go on the Blockchain if we haven’t got people to code, if we haven’t got people who know what C++ is, I don’t want C++ is but we need people who do. So, I’m going to use my knowledge and my experience in the education world and we’ve got another couple of people on board who we’re going to announce over the next couple of weeks who are of national standing to produce materials for schools the idea on the first the first wave of materials is going to be based on, I’m sure you all heard about sort of year 9 and options, and we’re going to be supplying schools with really really good and robust resources to encourage young people into computer science so and then that moves forwards into producing resources for people to use to learn about C++ but we’re also going to try and promote or be part of a promotion to…How can I put this? To sort of increase the, to highlight the need for the government to take action in to get in putting more resources into education and getting more people to teach people to code etcetera, etcetera. So this idea of promoting computer science to the UK.

GUEST: Yeah I think that sounds great and but I think we all know firstly people are resistant to change and you know already the cryptocurrency space is facing a challenge in you know getting government’s to block sorry adopt the blockchain and move forwards say you know what what are you going to do to kind of speed that process and secondly education and retraining is obviously the best tool that the government has it is disposable… disposable… at its disposal, to sort of you know increase economic output and

EOS UK JIM: Yeah, yeah, yeah

GUEST: In essence propel itself forwards but you know it’s not a short-term solution it’s that’s a five to fifteen year time horizon.

EOS UK JIM: Yeah but, but the thing about EOS and the thing about what we want to move away from is this idea of a quick book and the idea of the Bitcoin bubble and get away from crypto currencies and the crypto currencies are used on the Blockchain but we’re taking that we take a hope we’ve demonstrated we’re taking the, EOS is taking that concept and bringing it into real world applications and away from this notion of Bitcoin.

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah, the whole get rich quick side of things

EOS UK JIM: When we were doing this presentation, we were very reluctant to have the Bitcoin logo on there for example because EOS isn’t about and Blockchains aren’t about crypto occurrences and aren’t about sort of the get-rich-quick and we need to educate, like you say, and to be honest until this thing is up and running, until it’s working until sort of Evapedia’s on there, until we’ve got… it’s going to be very difficult but we are going to commit ourselves to promoting the EOS community and promoting people working on es as much as we possibly can and but and part of our candidacy will be explaining how we’re going to do that.

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