GUEST: So what’s in it for the hundred block producers aren’t actually voted in they’re just stand by, what’s in it for them and why will they do it?

EOS UK JIM: Well on standby you will still be getting an income the idea of block producers… block producers are just going to have, be flooded with money that’s not the case because the 21 have got to fund the other hundred and they’ve also got to the… worker proposals etcetera, etcetera so the… am I am I right in that?

EOS UK ROGER:  Yeah absolutely right, Jim.

EOS UK JIM: Yeah good I’ll keep going until you tell me to stop. Erm, so the income that those 21 block producers create has to support the other hundred and if you imagine that the estimates from Block One is that it’s going to be a million and a bit dollars to run a support node on that’s not an actual node you can see that there’s quite a lot our money that’s going to be generated to keep the, to keep the thing working

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