GUEST: Why is geography important? Is it cus’… why is it not called Roger and Jim’s node? Why is it the UK and like why is it, is it something to do the protocol on transaction latency or?

EOS UK JIM: No, no

EOS UK ROGER: Well you know as explained earlier we started the the project as EOS Nottingham and you know we actually thought there would be a lot more block producers, you know almost like one in each region and and you know because we’ve been introduced to a EOS 42 who are London, but for some reason they didn’t call themselves EOS London so erm, and that’s why we change the name to the EOS UK because when you’re in a global list of producers you know obviously everybody knows Robin Hood but… you know EOS UK probably a little bit, a bit better

EOS UK JIM: And we’re able to use the red and white flag so instant, instant recognition hopefully. So it’s marketing purely and simply down to that, yep

GUEST: Yeah it’s just for marketing, there’s no…

EOS UK JIM: There’s no regional reason

EOS UK ROGER: That’s the one side of it and then obviously the scaling plan you know we’ve got the opportunity now to sort of legitimately, if you like, spread to the furthest reaches of the UK to help resilience on the network. So we’re thinking yeah that some of the next data centre in Scotland let’s have one in Wales and you know spread it about

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