GUEST: Is this token fork resistant or fork tolerant?


GUEST: Ha! Alright, there we go, great!

EOS UK ROGER: (laughs)

EOS UK JIM: In as much as that… the… no, I don’t, you’ve got to do it

EOS UK ROGER: Do you mean in relation to delegated proof of stake?

GUEST: Well yeah, because these chains fork and the developers fall out because they use different indentation and you know all they fall out because of all sorts of stuff people with tokens fall out everyone falls out. And consensus, I don’t like consensus because that means that there’s one person blocking it everyone else goes away, you know?

EOS UK ROGER: So erm yeah, they the way the consensus model works is a two-thirds consensus okay so that means then they

GUEST: Ok so… low consensus

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah exactly, see well you can, not everybody has to agree just the majority so if somebody decided that they felt strongly enough that you know what for whatever reason they weren’t going to get on board with that there’s nothing to stop them you know going off and creating EOS gold EOS my version or EOS Jim because you know it’s open source at the end of the day people can do whatever they like with it but then they’d have to get enough people behind them to to run the network in a way that’s you know global

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