GUEST: How quickly do you think we’ll start to see applications on the EOS network?

EOS UK ROGER: Erm, well there are apps in development at the moment on the Testnet so erm you know I’m sure when it launches a lot of those will start coming up. There’s also the, erm, is it EOS index?

EOS UK JIM: If you look on there is a list of, erm, applications that are currently in development on EOS, erm and the most famous one, well a couple of the most famous ones, the one I can think of at the moment is Evapedia which is the Blockchain version of erm Wikipedia and they’ve made a big noise about being in the EOS space and erm they are leading the way, but there are many many others, I think there’s a training platform etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But if you look on, I think there’s gonna be more and more erm announcements err, this space moves very, very quickly.

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