GUEST: Can you tell us a bit more about governance around EOS? And also how things like GDPR are going to be affected by it?

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah so GDPR, what a nightmare, thanks for that Europe.


EOS UK ROGER: Not… not political but, I dunno, is that a good thing that we’re not gonna be part of that system anymore I mean the the the GDPR equivalent in the UK that will allegedly apply after we’re not part of Europe is very similar to the European GDPR isn’t it so it’s an area where all I can say is I’m having conversations with people about it, it is an absolute nightmare you know even in the more traditional side of web development and you know data management it’s a nightmare anyway so this is why I’m lining up now contacts with legal firms so that you know when we get voted in and that sort of thing starts coming up then we’re in a position to to get the advice to deal with it. I mean that’s all we can say, we don’t know all the answers, and we’ve decided we’re committed we’re just going to keep moving forward with this project until such time as we might not be able to, and if that happens it happens but until then we’re just going to keep moving forward. So the whole GDPR thing is just a part of that which we’re trying to deal with and trying to get to the bottom of. Because nobody really knows, if you’ve got a little bit of data that’s encrypted and it’s stored on a server in Basford you know he’s talking about data processors and things you know how exactly does that fit into the whole GDPR thing so that question is still trying to be answered at the moment

EOS UK JIM: The theme of governance on the Blockchain is that EOS are very strict about the jurisdiction the law, the the law of the land applies to you in your the node…

EOS UK ROGER: Based on where the node is

EOS UK JIM: based on where the node and the jurisdiction is the law of that particular node and that’s and the law so therefore the law travels all around the world is it is it is it goes all around the world. And that’s really important that there is you can’t be asked to do anything illegal as a Block Producer and EOS can’t make you do that and you won’t be voted out because of that so there is a there’s a lot about governance and again please go and check out Thomas at Medium and he can walk you through that

EOS UK ROGER: Thomas Cox on yeah

EOS UK JIM: So again, it’s all it’s not the Wild West it’s bringing it into proper legal means

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