GUEST: If you’ve got the EOS tokens and you’ve got them on an exchange, do you have to move them off the exchange all the exchanges you know get the information from EOS and get it converted some how or do you have to move it off?

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah great question, it’s actually our number one question. So yeah, if you’ve got tokens on an exchange then ideally the best thing to do would be to move them off of the exchange so that they’re in an account that you hold the keys of, and that way you know you actually own it. But there is a suggestion that there’ll be tools that will you know, each exchange basically has the opportunity to help their customers who’ve got tokens on their exchange transfer them over onto the EOS Blockchain when it goes live. But, you know, if you’re talking you know a reasonable amount of money then the best ways to secure it yourself and take those steps to to to get it into somewhere that you hold the keys for because you know this sort of one of the golden rules in crypto is if you don’t hold the keys you

GUEST: Don’t own it

EOS UK ROGER: Exactly, yeah, so you know this already but, I know exchanges can feel convenient sometimes and then also because we’re so used to like thinking money in the bank is safe you kind of feel like I know when I first started a crypto you kind of feel like when it’s on the exchange that it’s it’s safer there than sort of on your laptop or computer somewhere but it’s all about you know making sure you take the the paper backups and store them correctly and that kind of stuff

GUEST: Thank you

EOS UK JIM: Okay, Thank you

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