GUEST: Yeah, I mean I one hundred percent agree with you, I mean one of the big reasons I’ve invested in EOS is because, you know, I’ve seen that screenshot of when Dan Larimer, I think in 2009, said to Satoshi Nakamoto how are you going to deal with these scalability issues? which Bitcoin then encountered last year. And then in, was it 2014? When he was talking to Vitalik…I can’t say his surname either…

EOS UK ROGER: Vitalik Buterin

GUEST: Yeah, and he was saying, you know, how are you going to combat these and it was at the end of a press conference and he was kind of avoiding these issues and then last year Ethereum ran in to these. You know, clearly with a lot of businesses it’s a case of backing the jockey and not the horse. Erm, but equally, you know, EOS is very understated right now and crypto currencies are very hype driven. So my question is do you not think that could potentially be a danger that EOS isn’t bigging itself up as much as it should and you know maybe it should be marketing more and saying this is how great we are?

EOS UK JIM: I mean I think that’ll happen after launch. I mean, I think one of the biggest criticisms that crypto currencies get are that people say oh well they’re a scam, what’s behind them? And you could argue at the moment that if you buy an EOS it’s not an EOS it’s an Ethereum token, as you know. So, until there’s an actual product that’s there that everyone can use then there are gonna be people who are sceptic. And, you know, I think Brendan Blumer has been on record to say that as soon as they’re up and running you will see Block One making a bit more of a song and dance about what they’ve done and I think that’ll be within this next year. And then when other things come online, you know, it’s a matter of getting this thing up and running, and that’s why we’re here tonight, you know it’s an introduction and I think that will, we will move this forwards very quickly. And I owe you a beer token. Is it 2?

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah and I think, you know, the fact that they’re not promoting it massively is not a bad thing at all really, you know I mean, that’s a good thing really isn’t it?

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