GUEST: As a current non-investor what, what… how would you sell me to become an investor in, it to be involved in it?

EOS UK JIM: We can’t do that, we’re not giving financial advice

EOS UK ROGER: But in terms of how you’d actually go about doing that, is that sort of what you were asking?

GUEST: As well, part of it as well, yes

EOS UK JIM: We’re quite happy to say what that is but you basically, you can’t you can’t buy EOS without buying I’m gonna stop me if I’m wrong you need to buy Bitcoin first

EOS UK ROGER: or Ethereum or any of the other coins

EOS UK JIM: so you have to change fiat into a cryptocurrency and then you have to buy on a on an exchange. Personally, the way I did it because I’m lazy, and I don’t really I… Roger went on some and started me on on trading platforms it frightened me to death, I downloaded a what’s called an Exodus wallet and I bought some Bitcoin through Coinbase which is relatively easy to do but you have to do passports and stuff and then I transferred that to Exodus and then within Exodus there’s a really simple flip switch where you can shape-shift from one to another and then I took all the Bitcoin and put it into EOS and it’s sat there oh and I registered it

EOS UK ROGER: One of the interesting projects that’s actually claiming it’s going to launch on EOS is a distributed exchange and they’re saying I think it’s Bitfinex

EOS UK JIM: Yeah, yeah, Bitfinex

EOS UK ROGER: and they’re going to actually have trading pairs for every single currency in the world directly into EOS, so that should be quite interesting.

GUEST: yeah just from somebody who’s sort of newly in there in the area of interest it’s that how do I get started

EOS UK JIM: yeah Coinbase, and I’d go straight to Exodus that’s they way I would do it but there are lots and lots of other different ways I’m sure people are going oh no you should do my other wallet or whatever whatever but that’s how

EOS UK ROGER: and loads of guides available online of course YouTube channels etcetera and yeah we’re happy to help you with that, if you’ve made the decision that you want to do that and you know just want a few tips on which programs to use we could tell you what we’ve used but obviously not recommend them

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