GUEST: Yeah, just a quick one. Obviously, there’s quite a few people here that have invested, like myself, but it’s… I’ve obviously got a few tokens and they’re just sat in my Exodus wallet at the moment…


GUEST: How do I go about voting? What’s the process of voting? And I heard that once you vote that your tokens are locked up while the voting process takes place.

EOS UK ROGER: Yep, great question, thank you for asking that. Definitely give the man a beer token! So, yeah so when you’re voting, there’s going to be various platforms that are enabling you to vote. So, again, it’s down to the community to produce these, to produce these platforms.

EOS UK JIM: And there’s a lot in test at the moment isn’t there?

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah, so, there is actually an official EOS wallet, which is visible on the GitHub and, I’m told there will be a button in there that enables you to vote and so yeah its all a little bit up in the air at the moment. But with regards to locking up your tokens, there was initially going to be a six month period of locking up your token when you voted, and actually Dan’s now decided to make that three days instead so he’s reduced that down to encourage people to vote. Because we know a few people who didn’t really want to lock away their tokens.

EOS UK JIM: Yeah, people were saying “I’m not gonna lock up my tokens up, why would I lock my tokens up?” And you can understand that, and they’ve cut it down to three days.

EOS UK ROGER: To three days, and that’s just basically to stop people from chopping and changing their votes all of the time but yeah…does that answer your question?

EOS UK JIM: And I think more and more, I mean, your tokens are registered I take it? Because that’s really important, that your tokens are registered. And then there’s gonna be more and more applications that are gonna be out there, that brings this to the real world, which is like voting buttons. Hopefully.

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah so one of the little tasks that we’ve got on the go is to put a button on our website that says “vote for us” for example and, no doubt, all of the other block producers are working on similar things. We’ve seem some, simulations as well on some of the exchanges where they’re listing all of the block producers, so if you hold tokens on their exchange you can go and vote for the block producers that you want to run the network for you.

EOS UK JIM: But the exchanges aren’t allowed to vote because its not their tokens, it’s your tokens.

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah that was a question we’ve had previously that we might as well share with you. You know, somebody’s asked if an exchange’s got a load of tokens on there could they exchange it to vote for, which obviously they can’t because technically they’re not their own tokens.

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