GUEST: Will there be one node in the UK or…?

EOS UK ROGER: No there’s there is another block producer candidate in London which is EOS 42 and actually we’re looking forward to working with them we you know we communicate with them quite a lot and they’re in our test groups so the node Block Producer candidates have been put into three different groups so we’re in the group with them.

GUEST: Just to clarify, how many nodes are there? How many are looking to create one for the launch?

EOS UK ROGER: How many Block Producer candidates do you mean?

EOS UK JIM: No, no.. so twenty one

EOS UK ROGER: Twenty one, yeah they’ll be twenty one nodes

GUEST: Two in the UK?

EOS UK JIM: Well there’s actually this at the moment there’s three block producers that have registered an interest in the UK and other one erm, is the DAC

EOS UK ROGER: I think it’s EOS Sweden actually, believe it or not, have their server in the UK according to the list but I mean if you want to have a look at the test nets I can share that with the afterwards and you can see where they all are

GUEST: You’re basically gonna be money transmitters then, getting in to updating licences and things like that

EOS UK ROGER: Hopefully not but you know we’ve got our legal team all lined up to start answering all those kinds of questions as and when we get voted in but you know there’s only so much which you can do you know a lot of a lot of people here this evening volunteering for example you know or are already on our staff. Erm, so you know there’s only so much you could do any so much money you can spend until you’ve actually got voted in and that’s when you know soon as that happens things really start happening you know like scaling plans etcetera

EOS UK JIM: But remember there’s, there’s twenty one nodes but there’s a one hundred and twenty one really because you’ve got another 100 on standby who’ve got to be fully operational and they’ll be running protocols etcetera, etcetera, etcetera to make sure that they are ready to go if they were called upon

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