GUEST: When the new EOS tokens get created how do we get them? Will they just appear in our wallet on Exodus or do we have to download them?

EOS UK ROGER: I see right yes so that’s perhaps talking about the tokens that are currently on the Ethereum network because so, you know I don’t know if we want to get too much into that but, when the network is launched part of that process which yeah I didn’t mention that is that we take a snapshot of the Ethereum network and create the Genesis block from all of the EOS tokens on the Ethereum network, and that’s how your tokens then transfer into becoming an EOS EOS token as opposed to any EOS Ethereum token. Erm, because you can’t buy EOS on the EOS network yet because it doesn’t exist so they’ve launched it on the Ethereum network. Does that… is that what you meant?

GUEST: Yeah, do we download a wallet? Where do we store the EOS tokens?

EOS UK ROGER: Ahh I see, well they should appear in

GUEST: Does the wallet have to be compatible?

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah, so the the wallets you know will be made compatible with new tokens yeah yeah so that would obviously be the responsibility of your various different wallet producers and no doubt they’re testing all of that on the testnets themselves now that they’ve got up and running

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