GUEST: So June 3rd… GMT, 12:00 noon, I don’t know?

EOS UK JIM: Let’s have a party

GUEST: Yeah, Pacific time, I don’t know. But what, what happens? Are we taking days off work, are we waiting for another wallet, are we getting keys to transfer tokens into another what actually happens when main net goes live and what happens to our tokens and our Mu and Exodus wallets etcetera?

EOS UK ROGER: Yeah okay, so when the the BIOS boot up process is initiated by that that one node which is chosen at random, they then introduced the other twenty nodes chosen at random from from the pool. And, erm start running, they start creating blocks basically as you saw on the video that we’re doing on the test nets at the moment. And once fifteen rounds of blocks have been created then more block producers come in and the original twenty one get taken out of the equation and go back into the pool so actually being part of the chosen boot up is not necessarily a good thing. And once that happens the first thing that is enabled on the network is it unlocks the voting mechanism and so then through whatever mechanisms have been, you know, published votes can then start being cast and I said it’s an ongoing process so you might take a day off work I don’t know but…

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