EOS UK achieves its first promotion in South East Asia via the listing on Huobi.com crypto currency exchange for the Chinese market. Many thanks to Denny Wu for helping us navigate the site 🙂

The South East Asia market is a very important audience for EOS UK because there is so much interest in EOS in that part of the world and it has a high concentration of exchanges and fellow Block Producer candidates. One of the reasons why the South East Asia market will want to vote for Block Producers in other parts of the world is to insure the network against regionalised issues such as political interference or environmental impacts.

By voting for Block Producers in other parts of the world such as the UK will further help to decentralise the network and mean if for some reason Block Producers in China were no longer able to operate their nodes on the EOS network that the network will be able to continue running and the investment in the EOS tokens by token holders is protected through this diversification.

To Vote for EOS Block Producer EOS UK click here

PS Can anyone help us with translations for this audience? If so please get in touch.